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With the sea as our home


Vacationing at sea has always been our first choice. For us, it is something incredibly satisfying to have the sea nearby, and there are no limits of what you can experience.

Volcanic islands and coral reefs, hiking and diving, euphoric mud drinks and French-inspired gourmet food.

Oceania offers everything from modern big cities with world-class architecture to isolated small islands where the locals live according to millennial traditions. The skyscrapers rise to the skies in Auckland and Sydney, and the coconut trees sway on the remote Pacific islands. In Oceania you can visit some of the world’s smallest states and the country as I myself am in love with.

Dolphins and nature

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and here you should have plenty of time if you want to catch up with everything. The urban life of Sydney and Melbourne, kangaroos and aboriginal cave paintings in Mutawintji National Park, the pleasure of feeding dolphins outside Brisbane and the joy of getting really close to the sea turtles at the fascinating Great Barrier Reef.

The Pacific Islands contain many maritime adventures – from the sight and sound of humpback whales rearing their calves in the warm waters off the Tonga islands, diving among huge World War II shipwrecks around the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands and Micronesia, to wonderful relaxation in the lagoons of Kiribati and Tuvalu. It is also worthwhile to go on a voyage of discovery in Samoa where the great writer and adventurer Robert Louis Stevenson got his last rest. Or follow in Captain Cook’s wake around the islands – the legendary English captain made no less than three voyages of discovery to Oceania.

A day with snorkling

An island
An island

In addition to lots of coral reefs to snorkel around among, Oceania also has many volcanoes, several of which are still highly active. This is also true in New Zealand, whose fantastic nature received a lot of publicity when the director of the Lord of the Ring-movies chose to use filming locations on both the North Island and the South Island for the exciting film adaptation of the books. Experience, for example, Tongariro National Park, which provided the backdrop for the land of evil Mordor in The Lord of the Ring, and which the Maori chief Te Heuheu Tukino IV donated to the state of New Zealand in 1877. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is dominated by the three large volcanoes Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro, which all emit sulfur.

We should also not forget Papua New Guinea, which is a real laboratory of ancient, indigenous cultures, tribal traditions and religions, and still one of the most enigmatic countries in the world. Here, more than 700 different languages are spoken by about the same number of different tribes. Life in the medieval-like villages on the Sepik and Fly rivers provides insights into a world that can be said to be very strange.

When you bob around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you can basically forget the possibility of finding wifi (unless it’s a cruise), so it is important that when you are in port, you do everything that requires wifi.

It meant that I checked emails, updated my social media, and downloaded Netflix movies offline. But I must admit that when I was done with the things just mentioned, I gladly enjoyed playing a bit.

In port

I’ve had my favorites for a long time and it is, and But honestly, after an hour or so online, you long to return to the sea again. The last time we went on holiday it was on a cruise. Cruises can be compared to an exclusive hotel trip with exciting excursions along the way.

With the only difference being that on a cruise, the hotel takes you to different sights so that you do not have to constantly change accommodation. The transport time can be spent relaxing in the ship’s pleasant environment and just enjoying the new view. Hotels with sea views take on a whole new meaning after a cruise.

Coral reefs
Coral reefs

During the cruise, the ship docks in new ports almost every day. But on a longer trip, it can often take one to two days between landings, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the cruise and the relaxed rhythm on board. And there is always something to invent. On the big ships there are swimming pools, cinemas, nightclubs, theater, shop arcades, wine tasting, lectures and much more. If nothing else, you can always enjoy the view, expand your taste horizon in one of the restaurants or relax with a good book. The cruise concept includes various forms of cruises. We traveled between tropical islands and cultural strongholds around the Mediterranean and then on the Galapagos Islands. Traveling on the water can be part of a longer round trip or make up the entire trip. However, we often spend one or two days exploring the sights of the city where the cruise begins.

And if you think you can´t go on a cruise because you´ll get seasick, don´t worry, those ships are enormous and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s moving.

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