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What are the Most Beautiful Islands in the Pacific Ocean?

 The Pacific Ocean evokes certain immediate images in the mind: tropical vegetation, deserted white sandy beaches, colorful coral and all manner of exotic fish. An ideal getaway location for tourists that want pure R&R. In this blog we will be discovering some of the most beautiful destinations in the Pacific.


Palau is an archipelago in Micronesia which consists of hundreds of islands, and many of them are uninhabited that sprout from the oceans like verdant green gems. It is a perfect place for a truly peaceful vacation, either relaxing on the beautiful white sand or scuba diving along with the exotic fish. The two main islands of Palau are Koror and Babeldaon and they are connected by bridge.


Our next Pacific destination is the Cook Islands, and Aitutaki. Aitutaki is an enchanting place full of tradition that the locals are glad to share with any visitors and show them the way that they live. The center of activity is the ancient marae, a highly religious place steeped in the old ways of the past. The secluded lagoons are stacked with beautiful beaches and the climate is perfect for lazing around and taking things easy.


Possibly the most famous islands in the Pacific, the Galapagos can be found just off the coast of Ecuador and are absolutely crammed with interesting flora and fauna, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Those who love nature will never fail to be wowed by these unique and dramatic islands. Native to the Galapagos are turtles, penguins, iguanas, orcas, and countless species of birds and insects. To get there, you can take a plane from Quito, this is not particularly cheap but after all it is a bucket list experience.


The fourth largest island in Polynesia is Raiatea and it is not your average Pacific island. Visitors that make the effort to travel all the way to Raiatea do not do so just to lie on the beach. This is not to say that the few sandy beaches are not picture perfect, because they are. The reason is the fact that Raiatea has more culture to witness than many of the neighboring islands. Raiatea is covered with lush vegetation and has a plethora of archaeological sites, temples and culturally interesting places to visit. The locals are more than happy to deepen your Polynesian knowledge as they are most keen to preserve their heritage.


Finally, we experience French Polynesia and the charming little island of Moorea. This gem of a volcanic island has just about everything that nature can provide all crammed into such an isolated place in the Pacific. There are tall mountains with high peaks, along with deserted beautiful beaches and sweeping bays. The familiar Pacific overwater bungalow was invented on Moorea, and that is where you will find your accommodation. A great place for scuba divers and those who like to take it easy.

The Pacific islands offer an array of great places to see and lots of things to do. There is a wide choice of activities, and the people that inhabit the islands have changed from being fierce warriors to welcoming islanders who are intrigued by visitors.

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