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The Miles of Mysteries in the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean holds millions of miles of mysteries. The vast depths possess endless possibilities we can explore. Clues to our world’s enigmatic past lead to findings of the future both scientifically and historically. In some instances, we have crossed paths with mysterious happenings or findings that have yet to be explained. Our curiosity paired with the right amount of investigative research may unlock the secrets that are hiding deep in the Pacific.

There is an abundance of plant and oceanic life that dwells in the waters of the Earth. As the Pacific is the largest of the globe, it is reasonable to ponder the various sites that have yet to be discovered. We have a multitude of questions waiting to be answered. From large unknown creatures to lost cities, the Pacific Ocean is a myriad of mystery.

Mysteries of the Pacific

The Lost City of Japan– Geographical formations have led experts to belief it is a sunken city. Articulated roads, a series of archways and steps show us what was once a populated area. The region was known for hosting earthquakes and tsunamis that may have contributed to the architectures demise in the Ocean. It is estimated this lost city dates back at least 10,000 years.

Prehistoric Sized Shark– Although it is not a definitive sighting, the massive shark seen by a Japanese scientist is difficult to explain. We have witnessed some intriguing species and styles that live far below the average expeditions. An approximate 8,000 feet marker is where the shark was observed. Poor lighting makes it easy to dismiss, yet the scientist used his surroundings to gage the size parameter. Given the bait cage that was next to the shark, it is assumed to reach almost 60 feet in length. A Megalodon was confirmed at 80 ft through remains and fossils leading us to wonder what else could be living in the Ocean?

Squid and Squid Alike– For over a century, sea farers and battle goers have reported seeing giant squids in the Pacific. This was confirmed when a 115 foot long squid washed ashore in the 1920’s. More recent activity includes a creature in Indonesia that was found to be 45 feet long with no familiar characteristics. It is not a known species such as a squid, yet it is proof there is more to the Pacific than originally contemplated.

The Devils Sea- Theories of Ocean disappearances are most often associated with the Bermuda Triangle. The infamous triangle has a proverbial partner in crime known as The Devils Sea. Biologists have reported multiple spaces that are connected with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Boats, people and time have been rendered suspicious within the grasp of these geographical points. There has been a displayed interest in these phenomenon’s as early as the philosophies of Plato.


Hundreds of unsolved mysteries continue to swim and swirl into our modern day. As we learn about the Pacific, it is easy to see our ocean adventure has just begun. There is a tremendous amount of interesting facts that have yet to be revealed.

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