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The Dangers of the Pacific Ocean

There are many dangerous species of fish and animals that are found both in the Pacific and on the edges of the Ocean. This vast body of water is home to many different species that can both harm and kill man. The largest occupant of the region is the killer whale or the Orca. This huge animal roams around every ocean in the world and feeds off mainly other fish, seals, dolphins and even other smaller whales. Most of the whales dangers to man are based around myth as they very rarely hunt humans.

The Orca Whale

However, they do react to being threatened so any attempt to capture the results in a reaction of full rage and with the size of the animal this provides a great danger. They have also been known to kill when kept in captivity, but the whale will never hunt man but only react when human attempt to restrict their natural movements.

The Great Whites shark perhaps has the greatest reputation of posing a threat to man from all of the species’ that occupy the Pacific. Only the whale lies ahead of the shark in terms of dominant species, but the Great White has a greater reputation of incidents of attacking man. The Steven Spielberg directed film “Jaws” released in 1975 portrayed the shark as preying on man. In reality man is far too bony as the shark prefers fatty based animals such as seals. However, they do at times attack humans and often will leave a human being maimed with one bite. The power of the shark plus the sharpness of its teeth often has a fatal result. In reality sharks attack as a result of feeling threatened themselves.

The shark issue has left man in a dilemma. On the one hand the coastal waters of the Pacific are an inviting attraction for man, and governments and local authorities have a responsibility to protect local bathers. The other issue is that the Great White is an endangered species and its species is termed as vulnerable.

Many conservationists are attempting to protect its numbers as in some parts of the world the species has been seen as a danger and has been hunted to protect local populations. Now there is a world-wide policy to get the balance right between keeping man safe without ridding the Oceans of one of its great natural predators. One of the most poisonous creatures in the world is the box jelly fish. The extent of the dangers to man depends on the size of the creature with the majority of the stings only requiring medical treatment and are not fatal.

The Great White Shark

However, the dangers intensify when the young are bitten by larger jelly fish. This does happen and over 60 people have been in Australia as a result of being stung by the fish. Unlike sharks they do not have the same problem with their reputation and there are no shortages of the species.

The dangers of the sting ray were brought to the world’s attention when the Australian and television personality Steve Irwin died in 2006 having been stung by a sting ray’s barb. The attack pierced his heart which he never recovered from. The creature does not attack man and will only retaliate when feeling threatened. The barbs of the fish contain venom and often the barb will break off when an attack has happened. The poison results in a bacterial infection and although they rarely result in fatalities hospital treatment is always required.

The saltwater crocodile is found on the margins of sea and land in tropical areas of the Pacific and are the largest of all living reptiles with males growing up to 23 feet in length. They hide in mangrove swamps and ambush their pray often eating them whole.

Any human who ventures into their territory are in danger of being ambushed as the crocodile are territorial creatures. There are many incidents where fatalities have occurred and man is often pre-warned to keep away from certain areas. There are many species that can be a danger to man but the majority of these will only attack when the feel threatened.

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