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About The White Shark Cafe on The Pacific Ocean

Animal migration patterns are something of the modern era. And it is a subject that is approached by many, and that is interesting to many more. There is something about the routinely moving patterns of animals and bird alike that has always fascinated scientists and animal lovers. Each year, many species of animals, birds and […]

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The Miles of Mysteries in the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean holds millions of miles of mysteries. The vast depths possess endless possibilities we can explore. Clues to our world’s enigmatic past lead to findings of the future both scientifically and historically. In some instances, we have crossed paths with mysterious happenings or findings that have yet to be explained. Our curiosity paired […]

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Misconceptions about the Patch of the Pacific

If you have ever wondered what has happened to trillions of plastic particles, waste, oil and debris over the years, you will not have to look further than the Pacific Ocean. As we know, lifestyles and habits have negatively impacted our environment on every conceivable level. While imagining the beauty of the Pacific’s sites and […]

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Volcanic Secrets in the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is one of the major parts of our planet and our environment. The Earth is comprised of approximately 71% water that is stretched among oceans, lakes and rivers. The Pacific Ocean in particular is an incredible size that makes up at least 50% of the world’s water. With a span of 69.4 […]

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Pacific conflicts

The Pacific region has seen many conflicts over time, and this is only natural as a result of the sheer size of the area. The troubles have ranged from small scale conflicts that have involved small islands, to all out global wars. In 1855 King Tui Viti Cakobau of Fiji fought a major battle at […]

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The Dangers of the Pacific Ocean

There are many dangerous species of fish and animals that are found both in the Pacific and on the edges of the Ocean. This vast body of water is home to many different species that can both harm and kill man. The largest occupant of the region is the killer whale or the Orca. This […]

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The famous Polynesians

Polynesians are the indigenous people who hail from the Pacific Islands. Over the years, some of their home territories have become occupied by European settlers. However, there are still vast numbers of the local people who have excelled in certain areas and have gone on to become household names. The indigenous people of the region […]

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The Fish in danger in the Pacific

As man has become more technologically adept at fishing many species are becoming endangered. The modern trawler can not only identify where fish are located, but they can even tell what species they are. Vast nets are able to sweep huger numbers of fish out of the ocean. With many boats, from a large variety […]

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Fishing the Pacific Ocean – Whaling

The Pacific Ocean is so large that it is home to virtually every species of fish. Different sea temperatures in different parts of the Ocean has resulted in the waters being able to provide a home to so many different types of fish. This large expanse of fish has also made a valuable food source […]

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