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About The White Shark Cafe on The Pacific Ocean

Animal migration patterns are something of the modern era. And it is a subject that is approached by many, and that is interesting to many more. There is something about the routinely moving patterns of animals and bird alike that has always fascinated scientists and animal lovers. Each year, many species of animals, birds and even fish and sharks are known to migrate from one place to another. This is known as migration which is the movement of creatures from one place to the next for no other purpose than to breed in warmer areas and to feed. Migrating patterns also apply to large marine animals like sharks. Great white sharks are known to be one of the most powerful marine creatures in the ocean. They are known for their massive bite force and are also considered to be one of the biggest and mysterious sharks in the world. Great white sharks have an uncanny ability to appear and disappear at will; they are immensely powerful creatures and are a force to be reckoned with. Great white sharks are well known for being one of the most mysterious creatures in the world. Very little is known about them and most of their behavioural capabilities are still left unknown. And it wasn’t until recently that scientists had discovered a hotspot where great whites like to gather.

The Café

A hotspot located in the zone around 1200 nautical miles, east from the island of Hawaii, scientists have discovered something that sheds a little light on the mystery that is the great white shark. This zone was considered and thought of to be a deserted expanse of nothingness and no life. However, a team of gifted scientists from Stanford University and the Monterey bay aquarium decided to check things out for themselves.

What they discovered was the usual lack of any wildlife and any other sort of food. However, the great sharks kept flocking from all over the area to this specific spot. Upon closer and more meticulous examination, the team discovered that the zone is not as dead as it looks. The area is precisely the opposite and is instead densely populated by tiny light-sensitive creatures.  It is due to this specific species of fish that great whites migrate every year to the location. The people have taken to calling it the Great Shark Café. Seemingly named after the fact that the site is the Great Whites densely populate extremely nutrition-rich. The location has many other species of fish to supply the sharks during their stay and hunting season.

Diving Patterns

The mystery sharks are still a mystery; even their diving patterns are indiscernible. During their migration to this zone, the mysterious sharks were exhibiting odd diving patterns. Tracking tags were used in this zone to locate the sharks which migrated to the area, as well as to also time their migration to the territory. What scientists discovered in this situation was the odd diving patterns of the sharks. During the day, the sharks would descend to the point where they were half-hidden in the darkness, and when the sunset, they rose from the depths to swim in the warm waters. The reason for such behaviour is due to the bioluminescent creatures that live in the area. During the day when the sharks descend, scientists believe that they eat the bioluminescent animals and hope for some lure for larger fish like the big eye tuna and the squid.

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