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Month: June 2018

Pacific conflicts

The Pacific region has seen many conflicts over time, and this is only natural as a result of the sheer size of the area. The troubles have ranged from small scale conflicts that have involved small islands, to all out global wars. In 1855 King Tui Viti Cakobau of Fiji fought a major battle at […]

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What are the Most Beautiful Islands in the Pacific Ocean?

┬áThe Pacific Ocean evokes certain immediate images in the mind: tropical vegetation, deserted white sandy beaches, colorful coral and all manner of exotic fish. An ideal getaway location for tourists that want pure R&R. In this blog we will be discovering some of the most beautiful destinations in the Pacific. Palau Palau is an archipelago […]

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The Dangers of the Pacific Ocean

There are many dangerous species of fish and animals that are found both in the Pacific and on the edges of the Ocean. This vast body of water is home to many different species that can both harm and kill man. The largest occupant of the region is the killer whale or the Orca. This […]

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